What awaits you in year 2020


We are waiting for safe time for arrival of portrait doll Archie. We will announce the date of event in time.

 Museum of Dolls, Bohemian Paradise – will have an Amazing presentation:

It will be the opening of the museum’s main tourist season. The theme will be: “Welcome Dear Baby Archie!”

A very special party event will take place welcoming this unique and breathtaking portrait Art doll “Archie” by the famous artist “Vikki Ebbeling”. All will be able to take a close look at this art doll.

Photo’s will be allowed.

Of course you will also be able to view the entire museum’s exhibition. This includes Princess Charlotte's room and Archie's room.

Welcome drinks and small snacks will be prepared.

We will have a wonderful festive time together in honor of... “Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor”.

/The photo is original photo of famous artist Vikki Ebbeling – work in progress /

Some new amazing dolls for exhibition!

Tyler – silicone full body by Sabrina Hergarten

More photos

Tristan – silicone full body by artist Ulrike Gall

More photos

The cute baby boy Eli – silicone full body by sculptor Helen Connors and by reborn artist Gail Brown Raines

More photos

Rose – silicone full body by sculptor Helen Connors and by reborn artist Gail Brown Raines

More photos

Noel – silicone baby by sculptor Olga Auer and reborn artist Daniela Ardelean

More photos

Madison – silicone full body by reborn artist Sue Ward and sculptor Lorraine Yophi

More photos

Elisabeth – silicone full body by artist Gundi Stahlberg

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OOAK - modeled unique by artist Ina Volprich

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Levi - reborn artist Sue Ward

More photos

Sheri – reborn artist Ana Mendez

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More than 2500 another historical and new art dolls are waiting  to you!!!

We are looking forward to your visit!!!!!!!


Exhibition 2019

Welcome in the Museum with new exhibition 2019!

We are convinced that  Prince Louis Arthur Charles, portrait doll by famous artist Vikki Ebbeling, will be dominated in the exhibition! First photo is here, another  photos will published after event at the Castle Sychrov.

The Virgin Mary with Jesus  from year 1886 will exceptionally exposed on event  On Wings Of Gold”

more photos

Some beautiful special teddy-bears waiting for lovers of teddy bears!!!!! Director of Prison Mírov, plk. Mgr. Vladimír Lang personally donated them to museum. These cute teddybears are work of prisoners.

more photos

The exhibition Look what the Stork brought ” is finally complete !!!!!

Mr. Stork „Sir Harold Lancelot” by artist Vikki Ebbeling arrived from long way over the ocean! He brought so amazing baby portrait baby Daymond to our gold cradle  and also his Gold AWARD in prestigious world contest !!!

Artist Viiki Ebbeling wrote about her magical Mr. Stork. Read here, please:

My Adult Fantasy Fairytale:
“Sir Harold Lancelot” THE Royal Stork ...comes from a special place of
Hierarchy .
He delivers only “Royal babies”. ...babies with the bluest of blood.
Unique Rarity ... genius types of babies ...with super potentials and future capabilities for ruling all lands with the most intense “Love and respect towards mankind ...and animals of all kinds.

Sir “Harald Lancelot” is from the highest of nobility.
But first ...he came from very humble beginnings.
He was blessed by the heart of a beautiful loving Princess named “Victoria Lynn ”.
One bright sunny day...She was out strolling through the royal flower gardens ...enjoying their colorful array and intoxicating fragrances.
After walking for some time...She became rather warm and flushed she walked on over to the shores of the lake and began to cool herself with the refreshing water.
Suddenly something caught her eye.... over there ...behind the huge willow tree !!!
She saw what seemed to be a very large ... egg.... which apparently looked abandoned!!!
She walked towards the giant egg to investigate and noticed that it was moving and wriggling about.
She became so excited ..that she could hardly contain herself!!! She knew she was about to witness a most beautiful moment-in time...the hatching of a real ... very bird !!!!
How awesome was that??!!!!
She sat there wide eyed with wonder and amazement ....watching diligently as the baby emerged miraculously from its egg.

It was one of the most beautiful times of her entire life.... and knowing the status of a royal princess.. that had to be pretty special.
The baby bird emerged slowly.. as he gave very strong pushes with his feet and some big pecks and nudges with his beak ...until Finally he rolled completely free from his egg.
Up came his wobbly head  bobbing around so very helplessly. He rolled and wiggled and began to peep so loudly that the princess had to reach out to calm him. She cradled him in her hands and began to give him gentle hugs and kisses.... which comforted him into a blissful ... well earned slumber. From that moment on he stole the heart of the princess forever.

She decided to keep him and raise him for her own total pleasure.
Princesses can do whatever they wish!


 „Sir Harold Lancelot” with artist Vikki Ebbeling
more photos

Daymond- portrait doll by artist Vikki Ebbeling
more photos

We have also another cute silicone baby. She is Cathy by Ulrike Gall a Sabriny Hertgarten.

more photos

Another silicone baby is very unique with technical design of its eyes.  I think that this art silicone baby doll by artist Nadja Sanqvist is first art doll on the world  what can open her asleep eyes.


So beautiful silicone dog by Irina Kukushkina

more photos

Elliott - OOAK baby from clay by artist Healey Turner

Popular reborn doll Joseph  by famous reborn artist Linda Hill They look so beautiful together!

more photos

Another amazing version of baby Dwayne by popular reborn artist Silvia Ezquerra

more photos

Sweet baby Chase from the favorite reborn kit, beautiful work by reborn artist Judy Gray Wilkinson is part our Nursery department also!

more photos

Magical Unicorns Legend and Lore by excellent artist Tracy Cheyka are part of exhibition   “Dreamland Of Unicorns.” They looked magical in their beautiful gold dress!

more photos 

Thank you for peeking to our news !!!!
We are looking forward to you !!!!!!!


Event 2019

The Castle Sychrov cordially invites you to attend our extraordinary festive event “On Wings Of Gold”
We are looking forward to “The Royal Gathering of Heart’s... to join with us in “The Holy Christening of Louis Arthur Charles” on this very special day of May 1st 2019 at 13:00 noon.

The program “On Wings Of Gold” Option Exclusive:

13:00 pm... The meeting of participants in front of the main entrance to the castlee buiding.

1. The arrival of ”Prince and his family”at castle Sychrov

2. The initiation of ceremony and Holy Christening in the castle chapel – seating positions are guaranteed

3. Popular Czech singer Richard Pachman will sing several of his most famous songs - seating positions are guaranteed

4. Festive toast (a glass of wine)

5. Explore the magnificent interiors of the castle

6. We will go through the castle park together

7. You will have the opportunity to take a photo with a very unique portrait doll by famous artist Vikki Ebbeling ... displayed in a designer Pram.

8. Move to the Grandhotel Golden Lion **** in Liberec city

9. 17:00pm an invitation to the gala table and festive toast

10. Drawings from tickets all participans:
1st prize – reborn doll
2nd prize – collectable teddy bear from a German company Schildkröt
3rd prize – porcelain miniature by artist Anna Šlesinger

11. Free admission ticket for an unlimited number of visits /not transferable valid until of end September of this year/to the  Museum of Dolls and Teddy bears.

12. Small gift to everyone

13. A Special thanks to longtime friends of Museum

14. Raut with live music to listen and dance./Drinks are not includink./

Price of admission $ 25/person without an over night stay.

The price for double room including breakfast $ 75 /for the whole room for two persons /

May 2nd: Breakfast. Visit the Museum of dolls, or other program by agreement of the participants.
Change of program is possible.

Suitable social clothing is required!

Capacity is limited, must be booked as soon as possible / no later than the end of March or the exhaustion of capacity / on email: [email protected]


The program “On Wings Of Gold” B:
13:00 pm... The meeting of participants in front of the main entrance to the castlee buiding.

1. The arrival of ”Prince and his family” at castle Sychrov

2. The initiation of ceremony and Holy Christening in the castle chapel – only for viewing without any seating, to the exhaustion of capacity.  

3. Popular Czech singer Richard Pachman will sing several of his most famous songs - only for viewing without any seating, to the exhaustion of capacity.

4. We will go through the castle park together

5. We have the opportunity to také a photo with a unique portrait doll and designer Pram.

Price of admission free and without ordering!


Change of program is is possible.

Please come and enjoy a beautiful and exciting day with us!


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Our visitors  Triplets and grandmother / 88 years / were excited about visiting the museum.


Small baby

art doll by Selena Saxton in big man's hand.

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