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News & pics

May 1st 2019 – Event of museum “On Wings Of Gold”

Read more


The visit of famous artist Vikki Ebbeling

read more


The Castle Sychrov - Special event of Museum: "The little man Dwayne" through the eyes of famous world artists.

More photos | Video


Infant Jesus of Prague by famous artist Mayra Garza in our museum.

Read more


Popular czech actress with her beautiful daughter attended The Ceremony Princess Charlotte

Read more


The author of Princess Charlotte visited our Museum!

Read more 


Something new for kids


Dolls of Museum exhibits dolls of artists from around the world!

Mayra Garza – MEXICO
Read more



Fairy tales in our museum


Consecration of art doll at the State Castle Sychrov

Read more


The Little Prince


A special visitor

A popular Czech actress Anna Kulovaná from the popular TV series Medical Office in the rose garden visited our museum. Anna with her newborn daughter and art doll boy by Claire Taylor.


Virtual tour

New virtual insight into our Museum. See more!


Fairy tales in our museum

We announce with a great pleasure that our museum has acquired a magnificent fairy-tales themed collection of work by Roxanna Maria ( The collection without doubt resonates with the picturesque region of Bohemian Paradise where was shot a number of fairy tales movies and which is a place of a fairy-tales festival. In connection with displaying this exquisite collection, we also announce a competition for all doll lovers and admirers of our museum. Read more!


Our visitors

Our visitors  Triplets and grandmother / 88 years / were excited about visiting the museum.


Small baby

art doll by Selena Saxton in big man's hand.

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