Exhibition 2014

As we have already mentioned, this year's exhibition is in the sign of unique art doll Prince George.

How the prince was born:

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How christening dress were made for the prince:

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Prince's toys and accessories:

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George – VIP art doll George by Selena Saxton:

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Little surprise now. Pictures of the royal newborn baby wrapped in blankets with green birds surfed the world last year, inspired many artists and it was the first familiarizing the public with the royal baby. Therefore we decided include to exposure newborn prince, silicone baby by Julie Molloy. She is great artist, the author of many fascinating newborns.

George newborn by Julie Molloy

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In the Reborn art we will acquaint you with young artist, whose current popularity is increasing almost rocket speed. Work of Silvia Ezquerra is evidence of the tremendous talent and aesthetic sense and finesse. Demand for her dolls is a huge and her work is admired by collectors all over the world.

Angel by Silvia Ezquerra

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Beautiful girl Curly Sue with baby in her arms (baby is from one of the most popular kits Jayden) by Sylvia Jantzen was a hero filming German TV and she will certainly be one of the the most admired exhibits of Muzeum.

Curly Sue

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Swedish Princess Estelle broke Hearts of dolls lovers last year. This little princess has grown up a bit. Lovely portrayal of Princess Toddler - Sharlamae - Estelle 2 by Stacey Haskins you will like as much as princess newborn.

Sharlamae – Estelle 2

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Elen – Selena Saxton

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Samantha Harker will present her boy Andres. Furthermore toddler Cookie and fine boy Romeo.


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With pleasure we can present to you the art work of Judy Gray Wilkinson in this year. Small Cathy, cute kit by Oga Auer in her beautiful dress is is gift of Judy and she arrive to the Museum of Dolls after the Dolls show in the UK before open new exhibition.

Cathy by Judy Gray Wilkinson

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The popular silicone dolls already found and still find many new admirers. Work of Romie Strydom, Claire Taylor, Selena Saxton, Julie Molloy and newly Joanna Kazmierczak and many other international artists are the most realistic form portrayal of a child.

Perfectly flexible material, the finest color nuances and structure of material resembling a baby's skin it is truly breathtaking affair. We talked many times about the artists or the happy owners of dolls. They appropriately pamper their babies and they dress dolls into luxury clothes of international designer brands.

This year's exhibition among other will present a collection of popular children's brand Versace.

Kam by Claire Taylor

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Prematurely born baby by Jullie Molloy

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Twins, twins ....... What better way to express the originality of artistic work, infinite possibilities and variations, than an example of two identical models.

Selenka and Allie  by Selena Saxton

Twins Lilly by Joanna  Kazmierczak

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New exhibition of teddy bears will be associated also with the events of birth of Prince George. Limited blue-eyed teddy bear Royal Baby - was born at the company Herman in Coburg, because the Windsor Court is due to the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert closely associated with this town.

He is made from the highest quality white mohair and he became real pearl in this year for collectors. He is at the same time the best friend of our VIP Prince George.

Teddy bear Royal Baby

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May 1st 2019 – Event of museum “On Wings Of Gold”

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The visit of famous artist Vikki Ebbeling

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The Castle Sychrov - Special event of Museum: "The little man Dwayne" through the eyes of famous world artists.

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Infant Jesus of Prague by famous artist Mayra Garza in our museum.

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Popular czech actress with her beautiful daughter attended The Ceremony Princess Charlotte

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The author of Princess Charlotte visited our Museum!

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Something new for kids


Dolls of Museum exhibits dolls of artists from around the world!

Mayra Garza – MEXICO
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Fairy tales in our museum


Consecration of art doll at the State Castle Sychrov

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The Little Prince


A special visitor

A popular Czech actress Anna Kulovaná from the popular TV series Medical Office in the rose garden visited our museum. Anna with her newborn daughter and art doll boy by Claire Taylor.


Virtual tour

New virtual insight into our Museum. See more!


Fairy tales in our museum

We announce with a great pleasure that our museum has acquired a magnificent fairy-tales themed collection of work by Roxanna Maria (www.roxannamaria.com). The collection without doubt resonates with the picturesque region of Bohemian Paradise where was shot a number of fairy tales movies and which is a place of a fairy-tales festival. In connection with displaying this exquisite collection, we also announce a competition for all doll lovers and admirers of our museum. Read more!


Our visitors

Our visitors  Triplets and grandmother / 88 years / were excited about visiting the museum.


Small baby

art doll by Selena Saxton in big man's hand.

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