Exhibition 2023

Ceremonial opening of the main tourist season of the Museum in Troskovice.

Time goes so fast that we didn't have time to say goodbye to the past season and we already have the 2023 museum tourist season here.

This year's opening of the Museum is planned for Saturday Juny 10th 2023 with a ceremonial welcome of the main tourist season and above all a welcome and presentation of the long-promised unique art doll Lilibet the only one existing piece in the world by the famous artist Vikki Ebbeling. Thanks to her immense talent, using a great imagination, an artistic muse and a special feeling to celebrate the birth of a child this very special and charming work of art was born. This art work has a close connection with the English Royal family and its members Meghan and Harry.

The opening day on June 10th 2023 will therefore be very festive and special. Each participant will also receive a commemorative document and for this reason it is therefore necessary to book your visit in time for this day by the email: [email protected]  After the exhausted of capacity the participation in this event will not be possible.



Now about this unique art doll Lilibet. The artist worked intensively on this work for almost 18 months.

What did the artist herself write about this her famous work? 

The Making of “Lilibet” by Vikki Ebbeling

As any baby born into the world she came …. With a perfect statement of Love. When the real Lilibet was born… I longed to see her precious face… as I knew and imagined she would be so beautiful. As time went on… my imagination got the best of me and I began to envision her little face. My silicone baby “Lillibet”was created by me with much love and my utmost clearest thoughts I carefully considered all the people in her family…. when she came into my vision. I created my Lilibet … considering some real inherited physical features… I saw her eyes … as her mother’s eyes… I gave her dark hair… with reddish highlights considering both her mother and her father. I also saw many photo’s of other family members… then …I finally saw as her “full expression” of who she is… in my minds eye. The main thing I wanted to focus on… is not necessarily her looks… but … I really wanted to create her because she exists in this world …as a soul amongst us. Lilibet …fully represents “herself” in my own creation of her. She was meant to be born in the situation she is in. Every baby who is born into a family … gives an opportunity for new beginnings. To me …Babies bring with them… an innocent statement … for all …to begin again with a newness of unconditional love. Babies can be here for only a short time… and make the most profound changes in our hearts. I felt that this precious innocent baby girl would not want her birth to be about any harsh judgements. As any baby born into the world she came …. With a perfect statement… To Love and be Loved. There is a whole story here… not just half. Lets open our hearts and minds and try to understand… to not ever choose sides. There are lessons to be learned and some things need time to change. But… make no judgements on the innocent. Let the innocent be free to change the world … to change all situations for the better. Her birth… her life… will change many lives. All things will unfold exactly as they should. I hope you will enjoy my true Art vision of precious little “Lilibet” She has been in the making for some time now. Finally she is finished and I hope I did her the purest of justice. I designed and created her a “One Of A Kind” cream colored silk and brocade baby outfit…focusing on her Royal heritage … and my Love for Victorian styles. A Royal baby crown was especially fun to create for her. I also created her second outfit … a soft lace day gown… trimmed with satin roses and ribbons… with a diaper cover and matching headband. She will remain a “One of A Kind” silicone baby… and will Join her Silicone version …of her brother “Archie”… at the beautiful“ Museum of Dolls and Teddy’s” … “Bohemian Paradise, Czech Republic.”

Here is a few photos from the process of creating this art doll.

More photos

The doll was first time presented in the Czech Republic to several special VIP guests as part of a Christmas party.

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Here is the main presentation of Lilibet in the charming Christmas-decorated interiors of the fairytale castle Sychrov.

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From June 10th 2023 the art doll will be presented to the all public during the opening hours of the Museum and she will part of permanent museum exhibition.

Just like every year also other new exhibits waiting to you.

Little Monet got a magical brother Chase - an author's original in silicone by artist Linda Moore.

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We are also extremely happy that we managed the almost impossible and one of the very popular silicone babies Teyona by artist Elena Westbrook who already lives in the Museum met her twin.

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Melody – silicone full body by sculptor Szilvia Bacskai, brought her to life artist April Louise Redfearn.

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Lace - author's original in silicone by artist Gundi Stahlberg

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Bundle of Love - by sculptor Marita Winters and brought her to life artist Silvia Sandt

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Our museum exhibition of dolls of movie heroes will be enriched by the horror doll Annabelle.

This Annabelle was made from the old original mold of the doll used for filming, so she is the same real size 1:1.

We hope that it will please museum visitors lovers of horrors and all teenagers.

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Finally something very sweet unlike the harsh Annabelle.

Since our Museum is located in the Bohemian Paradise where many well-known fairy tales were filmed we have something fairy tale for you what comes directly from our region and is connected with nature. This doll impressed us so much with her originality and idea that we immediately offered to her a home in the Museum of Dolls and Teddy Bears.

Zoe was carved by a local carver in a simple and natural style and she is a small piece of art that must enchant every little girl and is part of a special project of Mr. Štěpán Malý.

What the doll says about herself: I am an honest beech girl from the Czech Republic. I live to be 100 years old. My body is made of beech wood. My beautiful hair is made from organic cotton. And my eyes? The highest quality stones of the Czech world-famous manufacturer Preciosa. No paints, no plastics. Love of nature. This is me!

More photos

Believe me the above preview of the 2023 exhibition is not the only thing we will offer you this year. You will find a lot of interesting things which will surely caress your soul.

Many new historical dolls, straw and sawdust old teddy bears, historical kitchens and living rooms as well as historical prams are waiting for you!

So plan your visit to the paradise of dolls and bears in paradise in time…..

Of course, in the "Czech" paradise! We are looking forward to you!!!!!!

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Small baby

art doll by Selena Saxton in big man's hand.

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