New exhibition 2018

„Look, what the stork brought!”

The exhibition explains the traditional legend about the stork and very special art portrait doll will include. Very unique and stunning figure of stork and historic cradle decorated with sliced gold will part of this exhibition also.



Historical and designer children's textiles.

Baby sacks of our grandmothers and baby sacks from production of world's most famous fashion designers.



„The Dreamland of Unicorns”

The exhibits depicting mythical unicorn in different versions of artistic design.

Unicorn – Gundi Stahlberg

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Unicorn Sili – Gundi Stahlberg


The historical exposition will be enriched with a beautiful mechanical doll.


New art silicone dolls with full body.

Valentina – Monica Perrez

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Lea – Ulrike Gall and Sabrina Hergarten

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Mia - Linda Moore

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New doll in exhibition „The little man Dwayne” is beautiful toddler by artist Marijose Echeverria

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New dolls in the neonatal department

Levi - Judy Gray Wilkinson

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Joseph – Jola Bachman

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Thomas - Judy Gray Wilkinson

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Twin B – Basia Smolinska

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The Annabelle doll is waiting for all lovers of horrors.



One beautiful teddy bear is part of the exhibition also:

Design Inge Klemenz, výroba Schildkröt, SRN

We are looking forward to see you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Merry Christmas


The visit of famous artist Vikki Ebbeling

It was a great honor to welcome renowned artist Vikki Ebbeling in Museum of Dolls. She is the author of beautiful portrait doll Dwayne. The doll is spart of new exhibition in museum – „The little man Dwayne″ through the eyes of famous world artists.

My great thank to Vikki Ebbeling for her beautiful words.


Hello my Beautiful friends and family.
I want to thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes!!!
It has been another wonderful year of my life ... so very worth living. 
Each year is getting more precious indeed.

This year ... I received a very AMAZING and generous gift from my husband and family!!!!
They came to realize that this gift would be a fantastic "dream come true" for me.
Dreams really can come true ...and...when they do...sometimes...they are even better than the imagined dream itself .

I have finally had a "GREAT HONOR" to visit my beloved and respected friend, Nad'a, and the "Panenek Museum of Czech Republic"!!!!

The Museum of Dolls and Teddy-bears... is directed by the Lovely Lady 'Nad'a Simkova. 

It was a thirteen hour trip for me by plane... over the vast ocean to visit this wonderful person and amazing museum.

The experience I had was worth every moment of my time.

I was treated with royalty... by the lovely Nad'a Simkova and her Debonair Husband... "George".

I just knew for the first time in life... I had become a real "Princess" I was treated with such loving kindness and with great respect during my visit.

We shared ten glorious days together touring the beautiful cities of Prague... and Carlsbad. We visited Castles and villages.
We also viewed the amazing rock formations and natural sights of the incredible creations of caves and canyons.
The "Czech Republic " is a most gorgeous country!!!!

A bit about the museum... from my "very own eyes".

This museum is breathtaking... seriously ... I have never in my life seen so many extremely high quality dolls from all over the world in one single place. Each step I took in the museum made me feel like I was in some sort of amazing dream.
Dolls were made in composition.. paper mache', porcelain,celluloid, clay, vinyl, silicone... and other materials are displayed with careful and deliberate consideration, to please the eyes of the observer. They are like "tasty sweet confections" to my eyes and soul. 
There are the most beautiful prams... cribs... cradles, day beds and hospital isolet's and I've never seen pram covers... pillows and assorted bed coverings created with this much beauty. They are made in silks, satin, brocades ......adorned with embroideries and hand-made roses, with imported new and old antique laces and trims.
Exquisite baby clothing, displayed in beautiful array... in the loveliest of fabrics, laces and trims, so tickling to my fancy ...that I must pinch myself to make sure it is not ALL a dream...I say this .. with not one tiny bit of exaggeration!!! 
I was simply"stunned" at this experience.

Never have I experienced such loving hospitality.
I am simply in "AWE"... at this wonderland ...that is beyond my dreams.

Nad'a is truly gifted in arranging, organizing and bringing all things together in a very beautiful manner that complements each and every article in her displays.

If anyone ever has the chance to view this magnificent museum ... you will have the experience of a lifetime.

I thank you George and Nad'a Simkova for all your hard work and Dedication to this museum.
I am greatly Honored to have my work displayed along with many many beautiful art pieces from artists around the world!!!!

And Nad'a....I am even more greatly HONORED to have met your children and Grandchildren.
They are truly your very best assets.
Thank you , Thank you, and Thank you ... again!!!!


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Merry Christmas


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Me, Zuzana doll


News & pics

The visit of famous artist Vikki Ebbeling

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The Castle Sychrov - Special event of Museum: "The little man Dwayne" through the eyes of famous world artists.

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Infant Jesus of Prague by famous artist Mayra Garza in our museum.

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Popular czech actress with her beautiful daughter attended The Ceremony Princess Charlotte

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The author of Princess Charlotte visited our Museum!

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With great sadness we announce to all lovers of dolls – Great artist Petra Lechner left us forever the 16th of September 2015.


Something new for kids


Dolls of Museum exhibits dolls of artists from around the world!

Mayra Garza – MEXICO
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Fairy tales in our museum


Consecration of art doll at the State Castle Sychrov

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The Little Prince


A special visitor

A popular Czech actress Anna Kulovaná from the popular TV series Medical Office in the rose garden visited our museum. Anna with her newborn daughter and art doll boy by Claire Taylor.


Virtual tour

New virtual insight into our Museum. See more!


Fairy tales in our museum

We announce with a great pleasure that our museum has acquired a magnificent fairy-tales themed collection of work by Roxanna Maria ( The collection without doubt resonates with the picturesque region of Bohemian Paradise where was shot a number of fairy tales movies and which is a place of a fairy-tales festival. In connection with displaying this exquisite collection, we also announce a competition for all doll lovers and admirers of our museum. Read more!


Our visitors

Our visitors  Triplets and grandmother / 88 years / were excited about visiting the museum.


Small baby

art doll by Selena Saxton in big man's hand.

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